Saturday, March 2, 2013

BlackBraid Bike

BlackBraid bike, produced by Munich Composites features you a super light bicycle (less than 5kg) without compromising its style. Just like champagne and caviar, vodka and martini, style and sustainability, this combination allows for beautiful, modern, creative bike for urban lifestyle. Braided carbon frames were developed based on a new procedure in braiding technology to produce high-performance material, stable as metal yet weight less than aluminum. Together, PG-Bikes and Munic Composites teamed up to create a master piece for the road, BlackBraid bike that is offered in 2 different models: Fixie (city bike) and Touring (long distances).

Designer : PG Bikes

Blackbraid Fixie
Blackbraid Bike by PG-Bikes

Blackbraid Touring
Blackbraid Bike by PG-Bikes

Blackbraid Bike by PG-Bikes

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