Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 SL Mercedes-Benz - Innovative Model

The 2012 SL-ClassMercedes-Benz in 2011 in the United States as a model a whole new light roadster is still higher than that of the modern motorist. The new Mercedes-Benz should be published in 2009, and was very good competition in this segment of rumors about BMW 1 Series Convertible series is based on the right side to be exposed to in 2011.

Mercedes has decided that a new structure made of aluminum capacity in the new SLS and vehicle to introduce this new structure will also contain the e SL 2012 The North American sales of the SLS will be launched in 2010 as a car years 2011 model. TheModel 2011 SLS will soon regardless of whether intentional invention and completely division Merecedes-Benz AMG develops.

The 2012 SL-Class Mercedes-Benz has put some of Mercedes since 1954. The logo comes from the word forLight Sport SL Sport German light. The SL550 and SL600 engines were broken in 2009 for the United States. The SL550 features a 5.5L V8 engine that produces 382 HP and the SL600 has a V12 bi-turbo engine that produces 517 hp. In anticipation of 2012, consumers will have to be happy with the revised edition of the fourth-generation SL SL. This generation of the sporty two-seater, which has already been established five years earlier. We do not know what the engines will be available in the 2012 e SL

The 2012 SL-Class Mercedes-Benz bring to the store for lovers of innovative model is considered good at sports, and light. Mercedes-Benz Roadster is working on that time, a long long. The smallest and lightest SL-Class 2012 Mercedes-Benz modelpreviously published as concept car in 2000.Mercedes-Benz has finally decided to launch themodel in response to demand for smaller, increase fuel for vehicles with more resources.

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