Monday, April 16, 2012

Ferrari 2012 FF

"FF means" Ferrari Four "and thiseans" Ferrari Four "and this outstanding model of shame will probably cost around $ 300,000, when it comes to ports inNorth America in late October this year. It is not expensive. Why $ 173 200 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, ZR1 $ 39,680 Jee Cayenne Turbo S, ZR1 $ 39,680 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limitep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4, $ 111 100 a Corvette, and $ 21 200 Ford Transit Connect in the drive completely, if you make money out of the garage and store with all the glitz anl the glitz and unusual 651tz and unusual 651-hp drive motor and can FF Fee motor and can FF Ferrari cried the day if not, why buy a house if you all the comfort and space, from which we in the FF? the leather is an option and juicy Schedoni [pronounced DOH-nee SKE can] luggage-equipped facility in the skin itself is about $ 10k.

"And when he saw that there was a real challenge for everyone, the 12-cylinder car was sold recently, said the new V12 needs more than just the engine and performance., Even the 6.3 liter-'F140 EB "V12 is opposite / amidships in the FF has a number of sophisticated improvements. shades FF engine nearly 612 Scaglietti F133 outgoing 5.7-liter V-12 F and 536 hp at its historical perspective. of 6 3-liter has more in common with the 6.0-liter 611-hp V12-661-599th online just add 200 psi direct injection and new "reed" valve dry sump lubrication for prevent leakage of oil on the pistons back. Voila! 651 PS and 504 Nm of torque and at least a 15 percent improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. "

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