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Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport did not have to wait long before the first polls were open-top Grand Sport version, which can also deliver 882 kW (1,200 hp). “We shall soon with the idea of transferring the power of sport to the Super Grand Sport, which had been put up to 1,001 hp available, electrified, and so take the roadster to a new level,” says Wolfgang ¨ You rheimer . President of Bugatti Automobiles SAS continues: “Our team was successful in the world’s most powerful passenger car engine, open-air sports car, with all parameters in the dynamics and aerodynamics, we hope to introduce the fastest roadster at the Geneva Motor Show world premiere 1,200. PS Grande Vitesse Sports. ”
Body. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport has a new roof spoiler World Grand Vitesse, which develops essentially reduces wind noise and buffeting in the interior. In addition, the new roadster from the wind, which is compact in the trunk when not in use. Both components are also in the Grand Sport. Together, they are very relaxed, open-top driving, even at speeds over 200 km / h (124 mph).
Numerous measures aerodynamic front and rear, which was published in the super sports a customized Grand Vitesse Sports. For this reason, characterized by an interface with a large air is subdivided 2 central air left and right New Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport grille by a horizontal bar. The northern areas of the air vent on one side and wheel arches are an exceptional sports car looks very masterful. Directly underneath the desk, you can visually see if a new front spoiler, which designed to be used by the mote in racing. Xenon headlights from the better supercar, which is now framed in black, is also new. Last end, which is derived from the Super Sport also characterized, by a centrally located two double-diffusers and exhaust tip. New Park Distance Control system (PDC) front and back of the check.
The classic Grand Sport, the sports car with an elegant, artistic direction, then, of course, is in the area. After the success of L’Or Blanc (created in collaboration with the Berlin-based porcelain maker Royal Porcelain Manufactory) Car Sport Style Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport works in an unusual way to highlight the Grand Sport. Geneva, one of the most exclusive automobile manufacturer presents the roadster version of the visible carbon fiber end is brown for the first time. One of the challenges is the production of carbon visible to shine brightly colored translucent gloss allows some light. Presented at the Grand Sport in Geneva, made carbon parts for the new color “brown” (the covers, rear spoiler and side skirts), almost shimmering in shades of bronze, depending on how light on them. To create contrast, the lateral part of the Grand Sport, to the rear air is made of polished aluminum. The interior of the sports car, the “Gaucho” and dark-colored leather stitching (Colour “Coffee”), supplemented EXTERIO. It costs € 1790000th
Interior. Carbon fiber is (with stainless metals such as aluminum and magnesium), the dominant material in the interior of the Grand Vitesse Sports. Many furniture is now made of carbon fiber in a 1200-hp roadster. This includes the expansion of the center console, a co-EB logo on the back of the wall, leather seats (between the back) and belt extends from the seats. Jewelry from the center console, door panels and instrument panel trim is also with the adjacent carbon. Bicolor black interior parts of the new Grand Sport version, and so is the design of a special place in the Grand Vitesse Sports. 2-tone leather seat covers, is to increase the contrast between the seams of the seat and the side panel. Contrast stitching also appeared on the skin between the rear seats, which is not typical for quilting. Also new: knee pads in the middle of the tunnel area, an additional 12-volt (the glove compartment), security systems, burning and parking lock button (the same as the Super Sport), instrument cluster, shift-up information, and – as a matter of honor – a power meter, which is now up to 1200 hp!
Optimized drive system. 199-hp more than the Grand Sport is mainly large by four turbochargers, intercoolers made new. In addition, Bugatti has been extensively reinforced with each wheel components for a safe enormous power over all the time. Financial groups 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) is particularly adapted to the new conditions. In this context, such as the Bugatti supercar is the changed airflow field Drive. Therefore, a large turbocharger and a general decrease in pressure, it was even possible to reduce fuel consumption, despite some increase in production capacity. Heating system with a 4-pump tank, the Super Sport.
Dynamics in numbers. The new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse has a remarkable maximum torque of 1500 Nm (at 3,000 to 5,000 rpm) of the 7.9-liter W16 engine in its capacity. Power (1,200 hp) is reached 6.400 rpm. These numbers can get a car to 100 km / h (62 mph), a candidate for an incredible 2.6 seconds. Top speed of 410 km / h (255 mph), the four wheels (like all the Veyron) Grand Vitesse Sports Roadster fastest ever. The maximum speed is reached, must be closed to set pieces. In “Normal” mode is with Grand Vitesse Sports electronically to 375 km / h (233 mph) limit.
In general, the Grand Vitesse Sport even sportier than 1,001 hp Grand Sport, but at the same time not to be a full-blown race car. Therefore, the driver is easy to master. In this sense, it is simply incredible that Bugatti managed to increase comfort by reducing the natural frequency of the frame. Marco. To set the unrivaled power of the street in complete safety and chassis engineers have skillfully Vitesse be reconfigured. The rapid response adapted damper for racing, driving is more advanced and perfectly balanced. Rolling and pitching during hard acceleration and braking is now almost imperceptible. Optimized wheel load further reduces understeer and thus a high degree of active safety. In addition to excellent up to 1.4 g lateral acceleration, precise mutual stereo (brand new, lightweight 20-inch “Vitesse” type alloy wheels) with the intelligent all wheel drive system provides excellent handling. Trucks, all-wheel-drive and a dynamic form of a compound of the ESP: ESP felt reconfigured by a little later, as when accelerating out of corners, Grand Vitesse Sport is more dynamic in these situations it is not necessary to say that the Bugatti is a custom brake cooling system consists of an even more engine power is system which unprecedented stability and performance .. We now have more and bigger air.
Show the configuration of vehicles. Car Sport Style Veyron 16.4 Grand Sports is not the end of the customization options. We are all so unique integrated 350 Veyron. This is true for two Grand Vitesse Sport models, that will exhibit at the 2012 Bugatti International Motor Show in Geneva. Blue version of the new roadster is visible in the finished carbon fiber. The upper surface of the body is ready for the “Blue Carbon”, while the roof scoops of the “Blue Lake”. Lower body panels (side skirting, rear spoiler, rear bumper and grille frame diffusers), the inner surfaces of the wheels and the bottom will be automatically extended rear spoiler is the “Sport Light Blue,” which is a hint of turquoise. Body color is taken up again in the interior. Although large areas has shades of dark blue, “New Light Blue” and the contrast stitching on the labeling of Vitesse. This version costs € Vitesse 1910000th
Two air scoops on the left and right side engine cover (re-designed Vitesse) is a feature of the Grand Sport, and so the Grand Vitesse Sports. These scoops on the twin challenges of a roadster needs to be. On the one hand, she drew air from the engine and on the other hand, they are an integral part of the anti-roll elegantly-defense system. As a supercar, a full carbon fiber monocoque, which allows a very high torsional rigidity with maximum passive safety, isalso used Grand Vitesse Sports. Outdoor unit is also fully carbon fiber, and so a new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is visible in a clear covered carbon.
Second Grand Vitesse Sport is a dark “Jet Black.” Instead, use two colors painted this model, the bright areas of interaction (the decks, roofs and air-ball) and the elements and matt surfaces (mirrors and door handles). The grille and wheels are painted black. The lower rear wing is an orange “Tangerine” painting, the Bugatti used such facilities, carpets, lower front panel, door frame, in contrast stitching and interior labeling Vitesse. All other surfaces are black, including carbon parts. In both cases, aggressive and dynamic aspect of the new vehicle suitable for positioning the Grand Vitesse Sports.

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