Monday, April 16, 2012

Bmw 2012

It was nearly nine months since our last meeting of 2012 BMW 3-Series in the desert, and six months since we shared our pictures of what we think, also the bread and the BMW sedan will look like butter. Today, I can be happy with a new set of spy photos of the 3 Series sedan, which will be completed winter testing so Sweden.In North likely to report, the flagship BMW, 3 Series sedan has never been ablank canvas for the design of BMW. In contrast, pursues a drip defines the term "evolution, not revolution." Despite its conservative styling, the 2012 3 Series is set to search for the most sporting and driving BMW 3 Series is still in order sharpen his powers of performance, because the competition comes in more detail.

Named F30, the car in development, since the E90n development, since the E90n development, since the E90n development, since the E90-encoded (BMW Project codes EXX) 3 Seed (BMW Project codes EXX) 3 Seed (BMW Project cSeed (BMW Project codes EXX) Project codes EXX) 3 Series debuted as a 2006 model was. We expect the F30 to celebrate the official Geneva Motor Show 2011 Premneva Motor Show 2011 Premiera Motor Show 2011 Premiere. Convertibles, Coupes, M3, a traditional auto and 3-Series Gran Turismo will continue as an extensionof the spectrum of the BMW 3-Series models.

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